Secrets revealed

As I come closer to my vacation I think it's in its place to reveal some of the secrets of my ability to blog with such a frequency Secret number 1, the drawing machine. Some people have called me a drawing machine without knowing how close they are to my secret, I do have a drawing machine. But I'm not to satisfied with the results, the technology isn't really there yet, therefore I mostly use a more classic approach to drawing. Secret number 2, the Hamlet approach In this I use the Idea that one million monkey given the right time would be able to re-write Hamlet, I'm not aiming for a new hamlet so for me 500 monkeys will suffice. They are able to do one or two decent artwork a day. One ripe banana is given for every monkey who succeeds in creating a good drawing As you can see, I have high standards, not everything passes as Coco found out. Later Coco was able to make the connection with Pigs and Pirates, this gave him a banana, happy ending