Post #100

Welcome to our humble home, right in the heart of idyllic Gothenburg. Don't be shy but remember to take your shoes off when entering our home, the laws in Sweden are strict. The Lion and the cubs are eager to meet you all, but a little reserved it's not always we get so many guests First I'll show you my extended collection of wigs, I like to look my best. And as you know a man is always rated according to his hair growth, (is this to cheat?). But you're hungry how inconsiderate of me, lets go to the winter garden to get a light snack, the coconuts are just started to ripe, or are you more into a sturdier meal? Now we'll visit our skate arena, to take some short laps. Forgot your skates? Not to worry we have plenty of spare skates to borrow. After sport follows culture, for this a short visit to the studio, the lion has got a new batch of Chippendale. Don't forget to be quit, not to disturb her creativity And as a last stop lets visit the library, my favorite place in our mansion. There's nothing that's beats a good book when your creative juices ebb up. Goodbye for this time, don't be a stranger, you must come back. See you all in post #200 maybe?