Art class of DOOM

Today I'm going to tell you a story from my days at collage, but first progression of new Illu Once upon a time I studied Architecture There I found a lot of imposing rulers The teachers all had fur, and their convictions had a clear tilt towards the radical. Some hot chicks. Here I learned: To drink wine I got a new set of vocabulary To over emphasize my lines That all shadows are not created equal That the strange gray contraption, was for sharpening your pencils Pencil after sharpening But we also was thought something more important, and that we found in the ART CLASS OF DOOM. In this class we where meant to learn water color painting, our teacher wouldn't exactly levitate but you didn't here her when she came. She was a rather imposing woman both in height and weight. When you where painting she would float by and in a very monotone voice say: "now you have killed it", (Nu har du dödat den) meaning you had added to muchcolorr, and you could throw it away. Even today when I paint I hear her mantra, "now you've killed it", ringing in my ears, and making painting almost impossible.