Blurry photos

Back from the shop, unfortunately I didn't get any good pics of the show had to concentrate on other things, the shop was full of kid's. Most was there for the story time, but I met some nice people among them where an internet friend, MyraPyra and her man (not sure of their legal status). And as for sales? well I won't be quitting my day time job soon ;o), maybe the market is feed up with my work since the last show, well the stuff will be in the shop for three more weeks. The shop is a little oasis for parents and kid's. Thanks Frida and Mia. A blurry Artist Frida, one of the shop owners Viggo, Stella Rosa and Fredrik My brother in law and his two kids, Stella and Viggo, (twins). have I mentioned that I'm a twin to?, the girl in the pointed hat with the red hair is one of my daughters Rosa. Stella and Viggo And mysterius woman, Viggo looks thought full Olivia My other daughter, in real life she's not that blurry Next time I'll fix someone who takes photos, somone with a steady hand ;)