Detail, schmetail

Today some details of the new Illustration, check the last post for a full view. In this segment you can see the telephone of the future, environment friendly), and at the bottom the great Magnifico magician supreme. Self portrait with transportation of the future A pig and it's Pope, (innercity pig farming takes it's toll you know) Dog of the future (don't worry dogs will be dogs) femininity in the future And Dinosaurs of the future (Haven't you seen Jurassic park, it could happen) Birds of the future (how will they feel when they lose their monopoly of flight) Die Gulaschbaron of die zukunft, (my German is not that great and I don't know the English translation to this) Washing in the future, (it's all done with electricity you know) You can find that I repeat myself check this oldies. The sun on the building. (it's so yesterday) Innercity Dinosaurs, (a treat to society?) And flavors of the 5th element.