Life of the Piggles

It was a tough decision but I finally chosed Piggles, (thank Felicity) and in Latin Volocer-porcus, (thanks Maura) And now for a rare insight in the life of the Piggles. It's important for Piggles to feel a strong bond when mating, they choose partners for life. When waiting pups, the males colors darkens and he gets more aggressive. The Female feeds the pups for the first two month The First flying lessons are difficult But they soon take up their parents great aviation skills Inspired by the pigs more animals follow suit. The Duck-Horse The Flying cow The Cat and the mouse, putting a thrill on the chase And the mighty Meagle The Parrot But rest assure I won't be pestering you about names on them, have a happy computer free weekend now, and thanks for all the great suggestions of name.