My past in three dimensions

I've been a bit shy of showing my 3d work, (3d don't age to well), and I'm not to interested in doing more free stuff in 3d, used to be my only medium The great Moominparty. Being a great fan of Tove Janson, I had quite some problems with making a 3d game of the moomins, but the end result was ok Kosmopolska or spacepolska was my graduation work while taking my masters of fine arts, then turned in to a game. The story revolves around 3 polish cosmonaut and their travel to Mars, you might see some pet themes the pope, buildings and animals even here. Victorian Justice device, 1999 This is part of a personal project I did 1999, the concept revolves a one robot justice device, ala robocop, but set in Victorian times. It has exchangeable heads police, judge and executioner, can't seem to find any animation files at the moment, you'll have to do with stills. The little voice, 2000 This was a video where I made the 3d modeling for, Sahlene, the little voice from 2000. Me and my business partner Fredrik Swerin made quite a few music videos, fun work, but the pay was always bad.