Opening night

You can tell it's there first performance because they are awfully un tight. Vienna progression Didn't find to much time yesterday to continue on this watched some TV instead, but managed to do some buildings. The black dot on top of the new building is supposed to be a Hapsburg eagle, (they had two heads, like Zaphod Beeblebrox). My mother asked me who the people with wheel barrows where, they are supposed to be Freud carrying patient. This is not for a travel magazine, mind you. In this Illustration I do not obey the rules of perspective ( doing this gives me severe head aches, my mind wants perspective) . But as I progress perspective sips in, bad brain. In the top right you see the ferris wheel, where Orson Welles had his priceless monologue in the third man, a must see. I whish I had the possibility to re see it before I made this Illustration.