Wellington hübris

For all my adult life I've (as many other city dwellers) not dressed according to climate. Gothenburg is notorious for it's rainy weather, but still people chose shoes as livening in Tuscany. This has made it hard to move with dignity, to be frank, my prancing between puddles wouldn't have brought me a starring lead in "the dirty dozen" And the end result was alway pure Bergman Angst as your feet always ended up wet. Swallowing my pride I bought me a pair of rubber boots, (and a raincoat and rain pants) It's hard to describe the hesitation I felt initially, the urge to prance almost took me over. But a new feeling took over when my brain noticed that I still was dry, even after I'd enter a mighty puddle. First the feeling was relief... To gradually turn into something different, the feeling of pure power.. And that's why you better stay clear of Gothenburg when it's raining..