When pigs fly

I've got a lot of questions regarding the flying pigs that sometimes occur in my drawings, and it's time to reveal their secret Apart from being a serf at a game company, doing the occasional doodle I'm also a fully licensed pig farmer (through the UEPFA, United European pig farmer Association). In farming the pigs I noticed that certain pigs tended to be able to reach heights I didn't think possible, see the pig on the roof?) By carefully inter breeding these individuals I was able to enhance their airborne capacities further And at last making some of the developing wings. And at last making them more birdlike, mark you they still don't lay eggs, they are still mammals. They have kept all the good sides of pigs with the bonus of flight. Now I need a catchy name for them, flying pigs doesn't really do it for me. All suggestions are welcome. Technorati Tags:pigs ,drawing ,art ,moleskine,