Mattias Showroom #6, to dress a lion

Left to her own devices my Lion would never wear anything else then her leisure suit, therefore I (as the Fashion guru that I am) have designed a collection of clothes and accessories designed for the female feline. The party dress enhances the beauty of the female movement in subtle ways while keeping the sex-appeal factor high. In Sweden we take TV-watching seriously and like to dress for the occasion, I have made some small changes to my own suit I still think it might be to manly for a woman to wear. When it come to business I've taken the best from the traditional business suit, punk and the military uniform, and made a powerful but still feminine statement. accessories And for the beach, let's be careful of the sun. I like my lion to have a pale complexion. This concludes my fashion experiment for this time, tonight we celebrate Raymond Chandler day, the way it was supposed to be celebrated, heres looking at you kid.