Moby dick and friends

Wasn't to happy with the scan de saturised a little bit, you can follow the evolution in the previous post. Got tagged by Alina 6 Weird things about me: well weirdish 1. I have had a lot of nicknames in my days, the one I was most proud of was the Idiot. My friends from architect school used to call me that, I think it was a term of endearment. 2. I bake all my bread, love the feel of dough. 3. I got Daltonism, this has always made me insecure when it comes to coloring things. 4. I have a habit of exchanging words, in my head the sentence sound ok, but when it comes out some words are wrong, I don't hear it myself but people corrects me. Initially I started arguing, but now I'm aware of the problem. 5.I like to run, and when I run I like to listen to audio books, now I think about certain part of books when I re-visit the places. In this hill William Tecumseh Shermans children died, here Marius and Sulla first meet, or turnpike did his most evil deed under this viaduct. 6. I once went to a dance class, my feet where not as fluent as my pen though (unfortunately)