In search for the magnetic north pole

On of my hobbies is polar exploring, poling for shorts. I thought I'd reveal some of the secrets of successful poling. The first step of successful poling is the transportation, I as many poler's before me choose a compact sled with the ever so practical foldable dog. Polar regions tend to get quite nippy, I always keep a pot of tea handy. It warms internally as well as externally. As Megalomania is common streak amongst polars I always brings a talking parrot for reminders that I'm a mere mortal. I'm used to living in style, and I don't think my poling activities should put a hinder to my comfort, that's why I always bring my inflatable palace along. Polar regions are a great place for tanning, if you choose to do it summertimes There's a lot of poles around finding the right ones is the tricky part of poling And never be afraid of asking for directions, polar bears love mingling with polars Rivalry amongst polars is great, remember to keep your head cold, (but not to cold it might affect the temperature of your tea) The feeling when finding the right pole is unbeatable That's all you need to start poling, print out the instructions and bring them along, maybe I see you all in a pole near hear soon.