In search for the non fat yogurt

I read of the fabled non-fat yogurt in a magazine and my lust for explorations woke again. This would be my most dangerous expedition yet, prior I'd only done arctic explorations, to reach the non fat yogurt i would have to pass three different climate zones and a Terra ignonito as well As every good explorer knows planning is of utmost importance in a venture of this scale. Saying goodbye is always hard, even harder when the exploring is dangerous at the start of the expedition, I'm taken by the seriousness of the moment...will I survive? My body is not used to the shear shock of the hotness and humidity of the first part of the trip. The natives seem to handle it better though At least theres plenty of food to eat and delicious Camping the first night me and my foldable dogs are in high spirit everything is going according to plans The second etapp goes through the desert Soon both me and my foldable dogs are feeling the lack of water The foldable dogs not being able to pull my wagon I'm left to manage on my own, I'm starting to think we will never make it. Luckily we find an oasis, the terra icognito is not as dangerous as i thought I take some time to make some small anthropology studies to study the natives. They seem to collect shiny cans of metal. The same night me and my dogs tries some of the cans, we find what's in them quite tasty The morning after finds me in a pitiful condition, is it swamp fever? To make matters worse, the food has disappeared And somehow my dogs have been rendered un-foldable over the night, another symptom of swamp fever? Together with the most flexible dog I enter the last stage of the expedition, we're entering the arctic region at last our goal is close At last I stand in front of the shrine of non fattening dairy products The yogurt almost blinds me with it's non fatty perfection The trip back was not very eventful, and the yogurt now is part of my growing collection.