The noble Art of blogging

First I get an idea I write it down and nail it to a tree In the evening a thought farmer harvest my ideas The Idea is then conceptualized by my Creative Executive Group in a all night meeting In the morning the concept is brought to one of my creative Directors He holds an audition. There's always plenty of actors milling around just outside of my blog-studio At the art department they work hard designing the suits and decor.. Early afternoon the suits and decor is in place and the actor can start their work. I used to use live animals but I had some union problems and had to use actors instead With the aid of state of the art Camera Obscura techniques, the drawing is produced I come in and give the masters touch to the piece of art It is then delivered to the computing department where it is lovingly scanned My resident poet then writes the text for the art And everything is delivered to a computer not far from you