American eel, swedish style

On occasions my ink runs out. I used to have to order from abroad but now a days I'm self sufficient as I've found an excellent source of high class inks..
In order to get to the ink I have to dress for the occasion, this means I have to put on my explorer gear with my king size machete, some tobacco and my accordion.
I have to reach into the darkest of the forest this demands some heavy use of the machete.
In the heart of the forst there is a small black pond, and in here a small school of american eel lives. The Eels are hard to bring forward, luckily for me they are suckers for a good polka.
As is common knowledge american eel are notorious tobacco slaves and willing to pay almost anything for some cigarettes.
I extract just enough ink from each eel not to hurt them...
and then pay them with some medium quality cigarettes.
And return home to the old drawing board.