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Night flight

Finally finished, I guess it will be some before I venture into something like this again. Here's some details of all the details
I can't stress enough the importance of an ergonomic chair..
Remember the Iphone works great as a backup system (using the right app that is)
A great sound system will help shorten the time spent travelling
Spot the Kermit...

or zoom it at:
The exterior can be seen in this post: Behemoth


Finished thei image, the process was wonderful like a morning mantra during the weekend over christmas. Scanning was a pain eight scans to get the complet image and still I had problems fitting it all together A zoomable version of the spread
Toying with the idea of making an interior to it

Add one hour and you got yourself a new post

So now the spreads counts in just under nine what I demand from you is that you'll look at this image for nine hours (fare is fare)

TinTin Air

Hopefully I won't have any problems with this name (trademark wise), the Tintin Hair-do was one of the last things I added on this piece. I made this while trying a new paper Arches 300gr Satin. At first I thought it was to smooth for my taste but I might be able to like it, it's almost like drawing on copy paper. I usually use Saunders and Waterford (Satin) but I wanted a paper that didn't have so much yellow tint for a change.


Something I failed doing while traveling earlier this fall was drawing something while waiting at the airport, this of course is an idealized version. And hey I'm getting sloppy yesterday was post number 800, but maybe I should wait until I reach post 1000 until I celebrate next time...

Commercial Liner

This makes this series complete a tad sprawling perhaps, this last one is more of an airplane.

the butterfly hunters

Our dog Asta loves hunting butterflies, or rather she loves hunting their shadows. I wonder what she would do if she managed to catch a shadow? On more thing where are all the butterflies when it's cloudy?


Until the extra long extension cord comes it's reach is a bit disappointing, made for this weeks Illustration Friday, theme Electricity

Pale rider

Now it's decided we're moving from Gothenburg (my hometown since 1989, my wife since 1991) and moving to Sigtuna outside of Stockholm. The actual moving will happen in August, so fellow Gothenburgers you still have time to catch me. Managed to break away from the moleskine for a change today, and use some old akvarell paper I bought in Florence once sometime during the last century.


shamelessly reused this old post as an illlustration friday topic. I'll be back Monday with my 300th post, have a nice non-toxic weekend everybody! ps I used some pencil on this one!

Naval Air

One more in my series of Air lines around our globe this time I turn my eyes to the lesser known Naval air.