The trip #6

Coco and Loco thought their mopeds needed some pimping, so they recustomized. After that they felt more at ease, and ready to take on Europe On the ferry over to Denmark they meet a elephant playboy, he asked them if the wanted to follow them to Paris. Coco and Loco then draw fantasy pictures from their planned route, sold the newly customized mopeds to a Artist formally known as Seal. Bought Danish and beer for the money they got from selling their mopeds And with the wind in their fur, was on their way to belle Paris. 3 days of carousing followed, with all that Paris can offer But after not being able to pay for it, they found themselves caught by the Police. Mug shot of Coco Mug shot of Loco And this is concludes Coco and Locos European trip. The question that remains now is, what to do with them?