The trap

Sorry about the mismatch of coloring the lobsters, forgot they switch color after they are cooked not the other way around

Space Polska

Been cleaning up the attic today, found this old thing from while at Design college. It's a story I made using 3d graphics revolving around three polish Cosmonauts. I took one of the 3d images and made it into a photo engraving, (we had a course in this). This picture describes the coming back of the three Cosmonauts, (their space ship broke down on Mars and they got a lift home with a swiss expedition. The whole story was turned into a game called Kosmopolska , doubt any of you have played it though.

Gotheburg-Stockholm-Gothenburg 2

Meeting in the air I can't belive it's not hair Skalman the Heard Backpacker Scary monster Made the same trip yesterday, the train home was two and a half hour late so I feel quite spent today.


Spent the better part of yesterday and today on a train, between Gothenburg and Stockholm. As stated before the movement of the train makes drawing quite difficult and tiring. The first spread Movable City, gave me an awful cramp Therefore I switched between this spread, Miracles at the beauty parlor. And of the train i manage to finsih this one a practical airplane And on the way home I made an experiment between the train between Stockholm and Märsta on the right, Creativity and on the left Samovar. between Stockholm and Gothenburg And the thing is I'm doing the same trip tomorrow!

No more mr flat guy

In yesterdays post, as Felicity was kind enough to comment I neglected to draw high heels on the gentlemen in the dishwasher seminar. The robot today is equipped with more sensible foot wear to make amens for yesterdays blunder. I'm off to the Capital tomorrow, we have to decide whether or not to move as it looks, we may live in another city soon.

The workshop

Quite turbulent in my life at the moment, hard to focus enough to write any coherent text. Anyway hope you all had nice weekends and are ready for a neew mad week.


Hope you all have nice weekends were ever you are in the world

Concluding the 5th moleskine

Almost finished my 5th moleskine, now I have to go out hunting for them again. I found them in Sweden now. Feel for some Dogma? here's a Video And yet some more planes, I'm starting to repeat myself

Coco and Coca, the waiting game

Coca has morning sickness The Ultra sound, revels two sentinels. Coco is overjoyed Coca gets strange lusts for exotic foods Coca no longer can wear her favorite boots Coco turns his artistic talents to fashion design Coca studies We help them put a home together Now starts the waiting game


Hope you all had nice weekends and are up to a new week of random madness.

100000 page views

Reached 100000 page views today, that mean that a I've got 100000 page views. to celebrate this I post the last of the train made sketches, happy weekending everybody International playboys A bigger fish Royal Powerwalking etc

Hunting pink

And the film behind the scenes, San sound I'm afraid but speed-ed up

The Carnival

Another moleskine sketchbook spread from the easter weekend, still some left..

Late Imperial head wear

More train sketching, today on Roman helmet fashion in the late imperial times Helvius Pertinax spring collection the mixed grill by Septimius Severus Peacocks dream, by Caracalla Decline and fall, by Pupienus Maximus

Enhanced bicycle helmets

People tend to think bicycle helmets are uncool, this is a growing concern to me. In order to popularize the bicycle helmets I've made three rather cool helmets for all the cool people out there.. Made while going on the train from Gothenburg to Stockholm, it puts some strain to the lines


Made for this week Illustration Friday, part of my train sketching

How Hannibal crossed the Alps

Ever wondered how Hannibal managed to bring African Elephants over the alps in order to invade Italy? The thing is, that he used Pygmy Elephants They do love the sea, the trip to Spain, was easy sailing indeed And how they took to Sangria Pygmy elephants are skilled skiers, crossing the alps a mere trifle And they do enjoy a good after ski Defeating the Romans was made by the ingenuity of Hannibal, unrivaled then as now And for enjoying the spoils of war, well pygmy Elephants have made an art of it. I'm taking a blogg break, will be back on Monday or tuseday.