Leave the heart at home unit

One more brain robot, leaving the brain at home might also be preferred on most occasions

Digital junkies

I'm always fascinated/shocked by the amount of digital equipment that the commuters bring on the train. Not just on the train, nowadays people are constantly online. I managed to return from our short skitrip with all limbs intact, maybe thanks to the fact that I was not online while going down hill.


Still away skiing enjoying all the luxuries of the autobot.

Lonely SkiBot

While this posts we are probably fast asleep on the night train to the hillier parts of Sweden.


We're of skiing for a couple of day, hopefully we will return with all of our limbs intact..

18th Moleskine sketchbook, in a different suit

Last Page

I did a panel Art block for Ghana a charity art auction to help build a Children's Home in Ghana. Some of the Art Blocks are displayed at Culture Fix New York city until the 13th February. Two more shows are planned one at New Art Center in New York from the 26 of February then at the Nucleus Gallery from March 12. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend any of the exhibitions in person, the Atlantic is a tad to wide.

Moleskine sketchbook 18

Just a short flip through of my latest (almost finished) sketchbook.

ATM Hacker

Illustration made for this month issue of WIRED magazine, I have been a reader of Wired since the early 90s so I was especially thrilled to do an illustration for them.