Improving reality

When I draw the wires a couple of days ago I noticed some minor flaws in the Design as you can see I fixed most of the flaws. Even the digger seemed to miss someting Will color this later it's cloudy today in Greece

Beach sketching

Made this sketch while relaxing at the beach after drawing the extractor of the last post, now I'm off to the beach yet again. There was some kind of rave party in Kavala yesterday so not to much sleep... In Greece the laundry dries in under one hour if you hang it in the open, the joy, the joy. I think I will wash alot here in Sweden you never can be sure when the next rain will come

You mean you travelled 2400 km to draw that?

well greece is not ll about fired food and whine, people have to make a living to. This picture depicts the unlikely combination gas station and restaurant, maybe it's a common combination around the world. When I come to think of it's pretty common i Sweden...


Spent a rather hot afternoon at Philippi, the place where Caesars killers where fought and defeated. this is St Pauls (or was) Basilica. A Ionic capital a corinthian capital, could find any Doric ones, maybe they had gone out of style by then..

My wifes solo show

My wife Cecilia is having here first solo exhibition, the show opens this Thursday, August 28th, between 5 and 7 pm. It continues until September 17th. Wish I could be there! This is where you start paying with sweat The day before yesterday I took a stroll up the hill to a little chapel, the heat and the climb made me sweat uncontrollable, luckily the place was empty and with a soft breeze rather pleasant. Afterwards I choose to stay on my room, a room with a view, this little church has the unfortunate habit of tolling it's bells at 7 am. But at that time I ought to be awake already

the Mole

Have been doing some commission work this morning luckily my sketchbook is full of extra materials at the moment, this one I finished while waiting in München.

Ali doesn't live here anymore

Strolled up to the old town and came up on this stout fellow as it happens it's Muhammad Ali, who where born in Kavalla of Albanian origin he came to be Vali of Egypt (there's a rags to riches story for you) Drawing car is not on of my specialties (I worked with car games for 5 years but failed to get interested by them) but as I here I thought I must start draw things I'm not so good at drawing. Taking some time of I went bathing at the local beach while listening th a group of aspiring rappers (or wannabe juvenile delinquents) I made this design for a laptop at the same time. I have a rather hard time finding something useful to do at the evenings, I fail to meet any of the other inhabitants of the house (I might have e and remember, don't mess with the green pigs

Urban decay

Kavalla used to be the center of the Greek tobacco industry you can still see remnants of a glorious part while strolling through the city. If you come buy a interesting or beautiful building it's almost certainly in heavy decay. This first I did while sitting on a heavy trafficked way, a kind man stopped his car and gave me some water and a bottle of juice, very kind. Hopefully the graffiti on the wall means nothing in particular, if you are able to read greek please see if you can decipher it's meaning. As a downside to drawing on place my but tend to hurt after one hour or so, hopefully a rich Greek Diet will put some much needed lard on my bony behind..

there's electricity in Kavalla

It took me quite some time to get down to business doing actual real life sketching, this is something I used to do quite a lot but I tend to draw more and more from my imagination. The temperature was well over 30 degrees (that's centigrades folks) my only companion was a stray cat, they are so small here in Greece makes our Swedish cat's looks like Pumas. On my way home I managed to get lost, Kavalla is like a labyrinth well at least I did not meet any Minotaurs and at last I bought a map and found my way back. I must have the worst sense of direction in the world.

Flight entertainment

One of the advantages of keeping a sketchbook is that no time is dead time, yesterday I went by airoplane from Stockholm to Kavalla over München, the trip took all-in-all 12 hours. This gave me ample time to draw, though my fountain pen started acting strange while in air. I've tried to put some of my thought back into the drawing, if you care to read the comments you might (or not) get a clearer picture of the thoughts that crosses my mind while drawing This is the first thing I saw this morning when looking out from my room, the Swedish house in Kavalla is beautiful (mor pictures to follow) everything breathes culture (how did I get here?) on a side not have you noticed when the airplane brakes you can see the planes intestines? rather unsettling. Now I will go where only mad dogs and Englishmen goes....

Rusting medusa

Jellyfish are the drawback of spending the summer on the west coast of Sweden, but this summer the weather being so hot they went away, Swedish Jellyfish shun warm water...

Poop deck

Not technically a real poop deck, but I love the name

Animal farm

Some animals from my latest sketchbook made while on vacation

More magnetic fishes

I'm going to Kavalla in Greece in three days (I have got a grant from Svenska Tecknare) going to spend four weeks there, I hope to be able to continue blogging during my stay there. Maybe with an Attic flavor

To my grandchild

the book I worked on this spring is printed, it's a book for a grandmother or grandfather to give her/his grandchild. It's published by Bonnier Carlsen

Yellow animals

I colored all my vacation drawings this week, when I came to this one, the first drawing I made on the vacation I just didn't feel like giving the animals different colors

Terror Balance

Inspired by the ongoing Olympics. There was a small editorial on me in the next but last issue of ImagineFX, just got the issue now a little late I found out that my blog (according to this site) was worth a lot of money today 1 574 225 kr (about 252 000$), I wonder if there is any buyers out there. I sure could use the money!

the Olympics

Watching the Olympics I'm struck by the antiquity of the disciplines, this is my suggestions to modernize the games.


I'm not sure what kind of medium this vehicle drives through, maybe water.


People on the Island tend to buy larger and larger motors for their boats, not for this blogger I go for more and more motors

the Crab

Starting to post some of the drawings I made during our vacation, they all tend to be influenced by the small Island we are on. Crabs are one of the few species that thrives on the new outfished state of the sea

The King the Dragon and the constitutional crisis, part 3

soon the former home is just a small pile of debris sure of his victory the knights relaxes the Knight knows about the perils of rust the Dragon and the King had noticed the Knight and together made a trap the knight tells about the regime who sent him they leave a can of anti rust with the knight and start to plot against the new regime it's time for the big military parade, the new regime is in eager waiting still the General is worried about the silence from the knight, the would be assassin when.. the Dictator shows no pardon but the Knight hits the General it's not the knight it's the Dragon! Showing his new ability to laugh the King retakes supreme power