14th card

It was my oldest daughters birthday yesterday. I started with the card a little late and I didn't have time to let the ink to dry.

Enriching your life with the help of the Circus

Showing my terrier the tricks of Houdini
Taking my dog for a walk
the Lion does not give much for the Circus


If you are planning to start a civilisation it might be a good idea to know how some of our most common barbarians look.

Getting a perspective on things

Watching the turmoil from the comfort of your living room window...Just added some color to the last spread posted

I am the Jimi Hendrix of sketchbooking

I've developed a new way of sketching. I now do it standing up as a guitarist would do it, this makes it possible to get instant feedback from my fan base.
At first my fan base were not that impressed...
but soon when showing my "Pete Townsend" moves I felt I was getting some real feedback...
the positive feedback inspires me to use another trick, taking a cue from Jimi Hendrix and with some help of some burning fuel...
I soon could see how much my audience appreciated my performance...

the only drawback is that it leaves little material to show on my blog....

Piercing the multifaceted coat

Illustration made for the HHMI Bullentin, Pathogen defenses are compared to beasts with ever-changing scales or bandits with different disguises

Geeky dragons #5

Last in the geeky dragons series

Saturday night engine

Cleaned up moleskine spread, I did this spread while waiting for my daughters shopped