Sergent Pig

I thought it was time for a new Avatar but found this to be to military in nature

Eye brow enhancers

This gadget is great if you have complex for your diminutive eyebrows

no comments

This autumn I will try to make more comics, I have to learn to use speech bubbles...

Mens summer fashion

If you are curious of what clothes I will be wearing this summer this is a clue

No vacation for this blogger

I'm off to a three week vacation, this blogger will be updated though the roboblogger will continu posting surplus materials during this period. Have a great summer if you're on the north hemisphere if not a nice cold winter


Stekare is a group of Swedes that, thanks to a long breeding program, beholds all the excellence of culture and wisdom. Summertime they are to be found nesting all over Europe but winter time they tend to have their habitat around the Swedish capital Stockholm There ruggged all weather looks comes not with the help of outdoor living but with the use of sparkling French beverage They tend to hide their eyes it's not out of shyness but to give them a more somber appearance Without them their beauty can be quite over whelming. better keep them on Stekspotting, if in Sweden do not fail to do this! They are to be found under mushrooms, especially the large intercity ones. they love to sail and tennis France has longed had problem with it's surplus of champagne, thanks to our Stekare this a problem no more, Stekare loves it! Stekare loves nature

the butterfly hunters

Our dog Asta loves hunting butterflies, or rather she loves hunting their shadows. I wonder what she would do if she managed to catch a shadow? On more thing where are all the butterflies when it's cloudy?


I used my old pen filled with non water resistant ink for a change

Dance Gavin Dance, dances again

American Rock band Dance Gavin Dance used Illustrations by me for their new record plus promotion material, they can be found at their myspace page


Today it's my birthday I hopeI get a nice pair of boots