Washed herring

I think I will hesitate doing another commission cockpit piece, it really takes it toll.

Brush works

In a rare spending spree I bought this Fountain Hair Brush Pen makes washing drawings more fun.

the Herring

Now only some washing, but not until next week

Carbon made

I've used Platinum carbon ink for this drawing, the ink has a big advantage over noodlers as it dries almost immediately. The final test will be how it works when I apply the wash.

The aching game

Doing a cockpit commission piece again, my finger is already aching...

Last in line

I guess I have about 20 books left (at home, I think my publisher have some random copies left as well) , then my first book is sold out: http://mattiasadolfsson.bigcartel.com/

Lessons learned

Don't try to mend the outboard motor by yourself
Do not keep ink and coffee and ink on the drawing board at the same time
Measure before sawing when making a window frame
Do not ignore strange sounds from the boiler room


my Night flight image got chosen as one of the winners in Swedish competition Kolla! unfortunately I couldn't attend the price ceremony. You can see the image up close in this post: http://mattiasa.blogspot.se/2012/01/night-flight.html