Really useful Tattoos

Instead of doing the run of the mill kind of tattoo (i.e murky symbolism from the rubbish heaps of spent religions) we at Sigtuna Ink specialize in really useful tattoos. The just in Time Watch Guaranteed always to give you that extra minute you always need Never loose socks Always where you last left them the Never stain range of underwear Never leave home undressed again! Our Sex appeal package Always dry swim wear Lonely hearts ad Let the world know, your inner secrets Eye wear gives you the intellectual look without the hassle of real glasses and remember at Sigtuna Ink Each cut is the deepest.

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Just trying to post all the surplus moleskine stuff I have left, expect some repeat motives over the next couple of days

Beast of burden

Of to Lidingö to do some running tomorrow, that means some extra pasta and bananas today makes me feel like this little dragon.

Let's form a que

Hey I'm already in it! First spread in yet another sketchbook expect a thrilling YouTube film any day!

New gold dream

Thought it was time for some floaters again, not sure where these creatures live in the skies or in the water

Why walk?

Just some minor inventions for helping you avoid walking Uni motor cycle Jet propelled boot Race skateboard

Back in the loop

or should I say cold, well anyway now I'm back in Sweden after a month in Greece. My family came down the last week and we had a short vacation (the weather was getting colder each day).


To be frank I'm not that happy with the new in advance blogging, think if something has happened to our family when holidaying. Well sorry for being so morbid this is the day I return to Sweden, I hope it's not to cold

10000 years BC

Every time I do this kind of things It's always done before, I'm especially thinking of the nerd Dinosaurs, I'm sure it's out there already

the Swedish house in Kavala

or "Gästhemmet i Kavalla" have been my home for the last three warm weeks. You can read more of the house on this link (you can switch to English if you prefer it but you'll lose the images" It's a really wonderful house with a lot a space for eating (or reading) Day time the the house is rather quite everybody (scientist, scholars , authors and an occasional artist) works but evening time the different eating places fill up The roof night time is quite spectacular, day time its almost to hot And a big thanks to Carita, Stella and all the inhabitance of the house, today my family missed the plane here (due to me booking in my name and Lufthansa not allowing for name changing) I go a wonderful support. we managed to get another (last minute reservation) here and they will arrive to Kavala this Sunday instead. A week on the trusty autoblogger will blog for you.

That's it I've had it!

as it happened this came to be the last drawing I made from Kavala (for this time?), this time I sat under a tree and just besides an op en garbage can (the really are large trolleys here in Greece), small bug's kept dropping from the tree making my skin crawl. I hope to do more real life drawings from my home town Sigtuna and Stockholm when I get back (if the weather admits it)

The last push

Time is running up, this Friday my family are coming and we are going to take a weeks holiday at Tassos, (an island just outside of Kavala). I made the left part of this in the old town of kavala, the right part at the docks. It's hard to draw floating boats, there constant in motion making the perspective very hard to get right I had to stand up and draw this one, not used to that made the body hurt a bit This morning I decided to try and run up the hill to the cross on the top, halfway there I met a man with four canine motivators (i.e large stray dogs), the dogs kept me motivated all the way up to the top they where just a pace behind barking like mad, I might be able to market this as a new way of training.

In this town every pigeon is an art critic

While drawing this picture a pigeon (probably not liking what he saw) tried to destroy it by spreading some fresh guano over it. Luckily it hit me instead and as always I was protected by my king size hat.. Not so pleasant company today, just one man who sat in his car the whole time it took to finish this one and a lot of dried dog turds, I guess at night this is dog territory

drawing while talking

this is a fishing boat I made this morning, I sat at a park bench almost in the shadow. A middle aged couple came and sat beside me and as a funny coincidence they where Swedish (not many tourist in Kavala, mostly Bulgarians, Romanians and Germans) . They where surprised that I could draw and talk at the same time, hey I can dance the cha-cha and draw at the same time! Made this one yesterday at the beach, it was a Sunday and the Greek and I have a little different view on personal space (we northerners are used to have quite a lot and only in extreme cases do we choose to sit close to strangers). I do not see the Greeks as pigs it's just that it's easier to draw a lot of pigs than a lot of dogs, I guess I look more like a pig than a dog.

Going down town?

Made while at the beach, sometime I wonder if I have forgot how to relax, well I haven't invented a way of drawing while walking...

There's a wedding in town

Saturdays seems to be the day Greek people get married, while drawing this drawing a pair decorated a car. Every car that passed it honked it's horn. It's a rather trafficated street it feels if was I to continue with this (street drawing) I would easily shorten my life expectensy with 10 years, never mind I'll soon be back in the forests of Sweden.