Star Trek the corporate version

To boldly take market shares where no one has done so before. CEO W.Khirk, Vice President F. Spock, head of sentinel resources Bhones and Chief technical officer macScott Flight deck Cubicle deck Computer core Striking a strategic alliance with Borg Inc. Hostile take over by Klingon and sons

Outboard motor

To many horsepowers One horsepower to much Outboard simulator Duel Concerto in 45 horsepowers Buoyancy stress test 10000 horsepowers the Traditionalist Complete spread

3D Drawing

Introducing 3d drawing a quantum leap in drawing technology The sleek pen switches between red and blue ink in perfect synchronization with the stylish shutter glasses. Controlled by the compact easy to carry controller unit. Refuse to stay in 2d land, stun art critics with state of the art 3d drawing.

the Liars bench

the liars bench (ljugarbänk in Swedish) a bench designed for the art of lying. On the west coast of Sweden the liars bench is located to have a good view of the harbor, this post celebrates the bench and the art of lying.
Now go ahead and construct your own bench.

First person shooter

or how to enjoy computer gaming without leaving the comfort of your moleskine sketchbook. The weapon to the right is a Norwegian cheese slicer (Norway's contribution to world civilization)

Stora Kornö rush hour

Every year I get surprised of the amount of boats that's on the waters surrounding our little Island. It's not that they are more multiple each year they seem to grow in size and speed as well.

Chianti from above

Made while on vacation, maybe yearning a little for the big city..

Marketing by Terrier

Sales have been pretty slow as of late There's no lack of potential customers, but how to reach them? Watching a show on sheep handling a thought struck me, art buyers are not that far from sheep and I already own a potential sheep dog (she's a Terrier, what she lacks in size she compensates in frenetic energy) Soon the customers where standing in line for my drawings..

Ironclads and monitors

Just back from our vacation, this year I just did drawings in my sketchbook.

Summer rerun 6

Last in the rerun series, I'll soon be back in real life (if I managed to produce something this summer)