Vacation posting

We have gone away on vacation, to this place Stora Kornö outside of Lysekil on the west coast of Sweden. My father was born here and was part of the last generation that was brought up here, nowadays it's only populated in the summer.

Spread half baked

Work in progress to be concluded after my vacation, this time I will have to bring a computer on vacation, work never ends when you're freelancing. But for the blogging part old auto blogger fills the void.Have a nice summer or if you're on the less fashionable hemisphere a magical winter..

Random males

Gearing up for our vacation and thinking on what to pack...

Modus operandi

That's how you fill a post when you haven't produced anything new...

the Radiophonic Workshop

As every kid with a pen and a sketchbook is likely to surpass my doodles, I'm preparing the switch to Audio instead of visuals, stay tuned... Inspired by a documentary about BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

Sketchbook commando

Posting a beta screens of our latest first person shooter aimed at the important drawing community, remember why draw when you could play?

It's all business

Some Business cards from Moo cards, just waiting to do some business.

City planning must haves

If you're planning to build a city, here's some things you must incorporate in your plans...
Hanging gardens
Latin quarters
Cheese district

The Collider

Giving our hadron collider it's yearly clean up, the bosons really dirt things up.