Paper animals

Just trying out some new paper (Archer 300gr), this works great with Noodlers ink, it's abit rougher than my usual paper and with a more whitish hue than Sunders Waterford (my regular paper) but the ink dries faster.


In order to fill out every last page in my watercolor sketchbook, I had to continue a non finished drawing on a spread. I found out that I had used my other pen with not permanent ink that gave one of the handles a little bleed.

For whom the bell tolls

I'm just about to finish my watercolor moleksine sketchbook, I'm not sure if I will buy a second one, the format is rather difficult to get a grip on.

Putting the fear back in eating

Practically nothing has happened to western cutlery since the renaissances, when the fork was introduced. If you want to experience the thrill of eating again why not give our new series a go? Grand Harvest (fork) the Plow (knife) fear of drowning (spoon) Guaranteed to frighten the most hardened.

comment in color

I used this drawings to bolster my meager comment ratio a couple of month ago, I colored it but I do not use the dirty trick again, Nixon learned me that lesson

Ray Gun

Ray Derringers Ray Ammunition May the sun shine it's rays on you this weekend!


the Blogbot the Sketchbot the GraceBot the RudeBot BreakupBots the Artbot Today some more Robots for all you machine heads out there


a constant theme, it's impossible to stop drawing them

Two years of blogging

One of my first posts was an old dry point with a cow hanging from a Telfer, just to show how far I have moved theme wise in two years spent (in those days I was satisfied with one meager mammal hanging by a thread, now I'm up to three). When I started with this thing I read that it takes about two years of work until a blog gets consolidated, can't say that I feel very consolidated but this thing helped me break away from the game industry.


thanks to the good people at Modofly you now can be the proud owner of a laser etched moleskine sketchbook either with my drawings or some other great artists. Be the envy of all sketch paparazzi and order today!


Until the extra long extension cord comes it's reach is a bit disappointing, made for this weeks Illustration Friday, theme Electricity

the reluctant champion

Symbolism at it's best, I'm off to Gothenburg running Göteborgsvarvet next Saturday I won't be one of the winner though...

the Sweet sound of your own voice

There's another Interview over at Interviewr, if you can't get enough of me rambling check it out...

Decisions decisions

It's a beautiful day here in Sweden, I've just been out in the forest running everything is in bloom!

More twigs

If you had enough of twigs and trees for one day you can head over to and read a short interview with the twig king in person


Tall is Swedish for Pine which this tree of course is not but it's a tall tree or rather a tall drawing, made for a book project I'm currently working on