Summer rerun 1

I'm shamelessly re posting some images from the last 4 years of bloggin, I'm on vacation (We're going to Stora Kornö outside of Lysekil on the west coast of Sweden). I did this drawing of the dock on the island about eight years ago.

Vacation posting 01

Autoblogger posts random not posted images while I'm on vacation, I'll be back by the middle of July. I'll repost some random images from years past as well to fight the horrors of leaving the blog empty for three weeks....

My new home?

I'm trying to make a new home site (trying not to put to much time doing it). I'll see if I can muster enough energy to finish it before the summer.


I've started re-designing my web site (my old site is 4 years old now), the task seems almost impossible (just sorting out the images for the site feels overwhelming ). Spent all day today trying to make a rollover image in Kompozer (I'm using Linux), with this pace I will be finished with the new site by the year 2020.

Snake eyes

the coloring part was the hard part of finishing this one, sometimes going digital is tempting.

A washed Schönheit

I printed the line work on heavy watercolor paper then I washed it with some watercolors. Can be seen in higher resolution on my flickr account

R.S Schönheit

Three moleskine spreads put together, can be viewed at a larger resolution here: Composite

Sloppy engineering part 2

I decided to continue the drawing on the previous spread, expect a continuation..


Yes it's time again for some new "Stekare" (a Swedish version of Brats) this time in the form of dragons. To be frank real stekare is far more terrifying the dragons. Expect some more stekare they are at play now and over the summer, one of their favorite past times is ordering expensive champagne and then spray each other with it. Apparently the new thing is to order two bottles of champagne, on for spraying and one for sinking (or vaska in Swedish, letting the staff pouring the champagne directly into the sink). Needles to say, they make me very proud to be Swedish.

Complete set

I filmed while drawing (my set up makes drawing rather hard, the camera is kind of in the way), then I speed up the clip by a factor of four. I Here's the finished image.