No more Internet

Last post, now I'm leaving for my vacation, please come back in two weeks

Secrets revealed

As I come closer to my vacation I think it's in its place to reveal some of the secrets of my ability to blog with such a frequency Secret number 1, the drawing machine. Some people have called me a drawing machine without knowing how close they are to my secret, I do have a drawing machine. But I'm not to satisfied with the results, the technology isn't really there yet, therefore I mostly use a more classic approach to drawing. Secret number 2, the Hamlet approach In this I use the Idea that one million monkey given the right time would be able to re-write Hamlet, I'm not aiming for a new hamlet so for me 500 monkeys will suffice. They are able to do one or two decent artwork a day. One ripe banana is given for every monkey who succeeds in creating a good drawing As you can see, I have high standards, not everything passes as Coco found out. Later Coco was able to make the connection with Pigs and Pirates, this gave him a banana, happy ending

Forgotten scenes from history

In this I write like a Ass on Valium, sorry drank some wine with the food. Two days left until I leave the internet for two weeks, there will be some more post, put I can't grant for the quality. Anyway it's decided that my wife and I will have an exhibition's starting the 12 of August, (more information soon), if you are in Gothenburg or in the vicinity please please come.


Odin, CEO of Valhalla Inc, sacrificed his eye for wisdom. Who would do that today, sacrifice wisdom for beauty perhaps.

On animals and piercing

Wasn't home last night, so I dump some not to old sketches today, last day before my vacation, but I'll be online for a couple of days more. First batch, Pierced animals Some more smoking animals, it maybe hard to pinpoint the species And the last lot some insecure monsters, a fellow in clogs and Clark Gable, (I'm not sure that I'm the first one that has sketched a duck with a mask, Terry Gilliam might have beaten me to it)

Pillar of hope

Just a pillar of animals, this is something I would like to see if I went to the circus

Pens and Inks

As I keep getting questions of pens and Inks, here's some of the answers

Loch Ness, psychotic Gulls and some red boots

The Loch Ness monster enjoying a nice evening on it's own My friend at work, keeps being hassled by a gull, remember it's the gull that can't stand smålänningar (people from a specific part of Sweden) Preparing for a race, mundanene Fable.

Pigs and pipes

I don't endorse smoking, it's only that I find pipes amusing

Obese owls

Overweight owls don't get any respect, are you alert of this problem?

More from the new moleskine

Pétanque in Serengeti Bonjour tristesse And the view from our garden, while watching Asta sleep

English gothic

Managed to get a new steel nib work done, the ink has hardly dried. The gothic touch is the church, we don't have to much of that blend of Gothic here.

In the flesh

I'm in the spotlight at llustrationmundo therefore some old Dinosaurs, it's part of the spotlight plus some photos of me and my family, check it out. The reason I look funny on one of the photos is because it's taken with a selftimer, I had to hurry


Asta a Cairne Terrier 9 week old, is the newest member of our family, she got sharp teeth Here she's having nightmares after a meet with our Cat