Striking up friendship with animals

Chatting with dogs Trying to solve the enigma that is cat speech Cooking with crows Learning how to cope with being harassed by a duck

Moore's law

Both me and the lions computer are starting to act there age, mine has completely stopped working and the lions keeps getting kernel panic attacks. According to Moore's buying new computers would give us a thirty fold speed increase . I wonder if there's a pen that could enhance my drawings thirty fold as well, maybe by going digital instead.

Infrastructure man

Infrastructureman commuting to work in his undercover disguise commuterman Listening to the radio while doing his ordinary work.. when some problem involves the heavy use of good infrastructure... Commuterman goes to the nearest place of hiding and steps out as... Infrastructureman dealing with problems as collapsed bridges, plumbing etc... Fighting his archenemies Sloppy Cityplanner man, corrupt garbage man and the ever present madame Nag.

Cats and dogs

As easy as ABCthe sound of silence Updated my shop with some new items: Etsy

look for the unicorn

Inspired by the shop in the Tintin book: Le Trésor de Rackham le Rouge, I didn't put in the mirror though, better not to press my luck.

Alien story

Gathering funds Shopping for a good second hand saucer leaving home reading the star map mending crappy motor

Lessons learned

If you suspect that the birds laugh at you, there's a good chance they are... You're not as three dimensional as you might think... Studying game theory doesn't make you a happier person... Having a good sense of fashion doesn't give you an edge when applying for a job..

You mean you still use a traditional pen

Stitch pen, embroidery made simple Antishaker pen, the on-board gyro removes any problems with shaky lines Sniper pen, with help of the scope you can draw smaller then ever Thimble pen, makes it possible to draw up to 5 drawings at the same time.

Deep in thought

More robots not sure of what this is one is designed to do though, I gather his hearing is not half bad.

For every interior there's an exterior

Just thought that the Astronauts, Cosmonauts or Taikonauts (just to play it safe) from the Monday post should have an exterior to their rocketship.