Star lines

Happy new year to you all, this is the pre-color version of the death star of a previous post.

Perfect synchronicity

I survived Christmas even though the odds where low (as usual), but the posting will probably be rather random the following days.

Automatic Christmas

Happy Holidays everybody, as for us we'll be celebrating Festivus (for the rest of us) we are very progressive here in Sweden. Sorry haven't been able to answer comments and mails for a couple of days, the Star wars stuff made my statistics go through the roof. I'll be taking some days of anyway, stay clean and sober...

the Mock deer

It's not easy finding bona fide Deers these days you know even the experts get fooled easily

In search for a name

I added a dog, it kind of resembles our dog Asta Not much progress today it's Saturday Well it's not that easy being truly original, this is a work in progress.

Dragons a la Pieter Bruegel

When I was a child we had a jigsaw puzzle of a painting by Pieter Bruegel (the older). I still love his painting and when choosing motives for jigsaw puzzles he's unbeaten.

Vacuum man

a small revolution in cleaning technology With stereo vacuum units it's a fashion statement Comes in both male and female models with the ability to change the position of the vaccum unit makes it possible to keep vacuuming while stationary Get invited to every hip party! For outdoor use with the snow extension As used by Nobel Laureates all over the world When put in reverse it gives you enough power to render you airborne Order today for a cleaner future!

the Dustatron 5000

I'm rather over whelmed by the amount of hit's I got from my Star Wars Series, so today something more down to earth: a self powered Vacuum cleaner, no more hassle with the cord!

Cha cha cha

Need a little rest from the all the Star Wars things, it got my thumb aching! have nice weekends everybody

Star Wars, the baroque version part 2

Imperial walker Jabba the powdered I wasn't really finished with this subject, we'll see if there is more material to come..

Star Wars, the baroque version

the Death Star Also known as the deadly croissant Darth Vader A timeless fashion statement (you just can't go wrong with black) Stormtrooper Fighting in style Chewbacca Contrary to beliefs Chewbacca uses his own hair not a wig Princess Leia Floats a little bit over the rest of us C-3PO and R2 D2 R2 D2 is not as sophisticated as to warrant a wig and Introducing as Luke Skywalker: Linnaeus the botanist supreme

Long distance chess

I've spent the whole afternoon drawing, what better way of relaxing then by a nice game of long distance chess?