Bots of the Ring, part 6

LegoBOTSlender but strong in Design this robot was really built to last.

Bots of the Ring, part 5

AragoBot, striding unitAn excellent tracking unit thanks to it's unique MPS-unit (Midgard positioning system).

Bots of the Ring, part 4

OrcBot, evil unit secondary classMade by the evil manufacturer trying to mimic the elfBot

Bots of the Ring, part 3

the Ring Unit Amongst other things this unit will mask the users BP-number (Bot protocol number) the Shire, small HobBot docking station Recharges and connects HobBot units. Sauro-N-vision High definition web camera

Bots of the Ring, part 2

Gandrodid, wizard unit first class Equipped with an extra large battery unit this robot can go without a recharge for an extended time.

Bots of the Ring, part 1

FrodBot a HobBot unit BOTR or more correctly: United Robots of the Ring enhancement unit is a little theme you'll see a lot more of the next couple of weeks. Some rudimentary knowledge of JR Tolkien's work (the Lord of the rings) might be helpful. There is a short interview with me over at the Etsy blog.
This pen is great for writing complicated chain mails.

Mr Donkey

Today we're stuffing ourself full of food here in Sweden (it's a custom). GOD JUL all!

Allegoric self portrait number 6

I haven't managed to see the film (loved the TV-show) but I'm a dedicated follower of fashion.

Allegoric self portrait number 5

Think I will have to check my scanner, I've noticed a line in some of my new scans

After Christmas kind of concept

This is a little concept I'm fiddling with at the moment, will start post it after Christmas....

Allegoric self portrait number 3

I've borrowed this theme from Homer (not of the poet).

Allegoric self portrait number 1

I've made a bunch of "self portraits". I will not do any additional explanation of the images but will leave it to the beholder.

Sven undercover poodle #7

Strangely enough this little comic seem to be a bigger hit over at my flickr site (it's not finished, and now my daughters are on me to continue it)

Sea Monster

Did this one in the summertime at the same time as I did my other electric fishes, didn't get to post it then though

God Jul

I've made a Christmas card that we are sending out to friends and relatives. If you happen to be in that circle, sorry for destroying the suprise

Sven undercover poodle #5

This is the last spread of this little comic I have yet created, the conclusion will have to wait (hopefully not until I travel to Malmö again.

Sven undercover poodle #3

At last love(?) and violence(!) enters the story. Just in case you haven't heard of the new way of listening to music via the web I can recommend Spotify. You can sign up for free (there's some short commercials but they are not to long and spread apart).

Sven undercover poodle #2

The plot thickens...

Sven the undercover poodle #1

This is the start of a small comic I made while going by train from Stockholm to Malmö last week, it's in Swedish so I have to translate it all (which is kind of a drag). There's an interview with my wife over at Design Tavern, head over there if you feel a bit peckish

Housetree, complete

Shamelessly re-used as this weeks Illustration Friday, the theme was spot on, Intricate.. Finished this piece, I'm taking a blogging break this weekend back on Monday. With some comics (I have to translate it from Swedish though

Housetree color process #2

Lunch taken care of. The hand is really starting to hurt now, it's always the hardest when using a brush

Colorprocess of housetree

I've started to color the housetree, the ink bleed rather more then usual when I whetted the paper (I should probably have waited a day longer), but I will have to live with that. I will start color the rest after lunch

Housetree the lines

Came back from two very wet days in Malmö, meet Soo (one of my oldest blog friends) the first night, we had a nice chat, before I went to my rather nightmarish hostel. Two packed days at the Serifrämjandet and a visit to Louisiana muesum (that's in Denmark). Tonight I will enjoy all the wonders that is my own bed! I hope to finish this piece tomorrow (hopefully in time of the deadline)

animal nitrate

I'm in malmö (I hope this is blogged in advance) today we're going to Louisiana Art museum in