White stripes

If you want to know what drawing is all about, please come and visit Sigtuna kulturgård exhibition: Vad är teckning (what is drawing). the show starts tomorrow and ends in three weeks.

walking the dog

Posting the last stuff from my latest sketchbook, no time for idle sketching just now..

Yellow bones

Reflecting my mood when someone (once again) hijacked my google account and tried to delete my blog last week. Strange hobbies some people have...

Grant me a smile

I just got a grant from Konstnärsnämnden (the Swedish Arts Grants Committee), apart from the honor I feel about getting a grant it also brings a little calm to financial matters. The image has no relation to the grant, it is a small image I did for my youngest daughter on her birthday earlier this summer.

the Emergency ward

Made this sketch while waiting at the emergency ward a couple of weeks ago, our daughter had broken her arm (everything is ok now we cut off the plaster this Friday)

Wood on wood

Made for Art block for Ghana a charity art auction to help build a Children's Home in Ghana. The motive is a theme I tend to return to but this time it's on a piece of wood, very appropriate. Will return on when the auction takes place

the cake

One more interior from our spacious home, making a cake sure demands the right kind of tools.

the hobby room

Just to play it on the safe side, I do not kill animals but when it comes to interior decorating I just follow the trends...

the false sheriff

Just some leftover moleskine robots, why shouldn't robots have beards?

Greek coffee

Colored with some instant coffee from my visit to Greece a couple of years ago. The coffee tasted good there but not as good here in Sweden, it must depend on the water

Willhelm telling

Reenacting make believe history events is a great past time