My wife's art

My wife has finally got herself a home on the internet check her flickr space here

The trial

So at last Coco and Loco appeared in front of the Judge, it was a tricky trial I can tell you. But thanks to Cocos skill as a lawyer and a great character witness from "the Playboy", they walked away free. For their trip back I choosed a cheaper way of transportation, the trial was quiet costly. But for their homecoming feast I spared nothing as you can see.

Symposium blues

Yesterday me and a bunch of other not so attractive men went to a symposium presenting the new version of the application I happen to work with. These happenings tended to excite me, but now it's just some new buttons to press and learn, O how bleak a person I've become. Anyway this gave me some time to use my sketchbook: WireCity Fish Bait Cleaning out the old Early struggle for symbolism Grand comfort Tomorrow there will be news of Coco and Loco, stay tuned...

Science, History, Sports and Culture

Assorted sketchbook pages, complete with typos.


Things you should be afraid of: Really smart rats Singing song writing spiders And small unafraid birds
Champange The great escape For all the ladies All the advantages with flying without all the hassle
Yesterday was our last deadline at work, and it looks like we nailed it. Last month the working pace has been murder, hope I will be able to finish some personal and semi-personal projects now. I'll post some moleskine sketches from dead time at work. The Sore loser On hair and men traffic

The trip #6

Coco and Loco thought their mopeds needed some pimping, so they recustomized. After that they felt more at ease, and ready to take on Europe On the ferry over to Denmark they meet a elephant playboy, he asked them if the wanted to follow them to Paris. Coco and Loco then draw fantasy pictures from their planned route, sold the newly customized mopeds to a Artist formally known as Seal. Bought Danish and beer for the money they got from selling their mopeds And with the wind in their fur, was on their way to belle Paris. 3 days of carousing followed, with all that Paris can offer But after not being able to pay for it, they found themselves caught by the Police. Mug shot of Coco Mug shot of Loco And this is concludes Coco and Locos European trip. The question that remains now is, what to do with them?

The trip #5

Having extra time, now when Coco and Loco are on their trip I spent the evening with my hobbies. I was disturbed by the door bell Two shady gentlemen greeted me, and asked me if I was know two monkeys. They said they where from the Interpol. To be continued....

The trip #4

Great new, Coco and Loco have reached the eternal city, I marvel by the speed they're traveling. The mopeds I gave them top at 30 km/h. Don't know where they'll pop up tomorrow, look out it might be a place near you

The trip #3

Coco and Loco has reached London and Paris, and they have been invited to Johannesburg in south Africa and Portugal, I'll have to prolong their Journey.

The trip #2

Great news, I've gotten the first batch of sketches from Coco and Loco. I've got a great feeling about this, I know that I could trust them this time. They promised me to send some more drawings this afternoon so stay tuned. Expect drawings from London and Paris, and tonight they'll reach the eternal city!

Coco and locos European trip #1

My bloggin feels stale, but I don't have time to draw as much as I want. Statistics are mediocre (remember what Mark Twain said about it?) What this blog needs are some good travel sketches, but I can't leave now, I have no money and work takes all my time. Cocos behavior though is excellent And Cocos friend Loco, I'll send them on an European trip, visiting all the landmarks. Here I'm given them instructions for their trip, the will go by motor cycles. I'm sure they will behave. Tomorrow I'm expecting to get the first batch of first class travel sketches, stay tuned. And if you want to catch up on the story so far: 1 2 3 4 5 6