Let's party down

At first, I could not decide if I should make one large table and just do the outer ring of character, but I ended up going for an extra level making an inner ring.  Colour to come, I think. 


I'm interviewed in the Podcast "Penna möter Papper" it is in Swedish, but if you squint your ears you might understand a word or two. 

9000 hurrahs!

Close to 9000 people have signed up for my Domestika course, I am stoked, thanks soo much everybody! 

Tired tires

Trying to give all the feedback they deserve who follow my Domestika course no time to draw so here is an old drawing when we change hours tires. 

Thanks all.

Thanks all who follow my Domestika course, I've been quite overwhelmed with how many of you who follow it. Trying to give enough feedback bites into my drawing time so here is an old drawing

Business as usual

Before you ask deAtramentis document ink, watercolours in Moleskine sketchbook. Drawn over some hours with a Pilot Falcon fountain pen, I did not have the finished image in my head it kind of evolved during creation, it is not for your favourite rock band.