a broken frame

Trying to decide what images to frame for the upcoming show.

Exhibition poster

Cecilia Levy & Mattias Adolfsson
Drawings, drawn objects, sketchbooks, Illustrations
the show opens Saturday 7th November 12-4pm
the show runs to the 22 November
OPEN SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS 12-4PM www.sigtunakulturgard.se

Antique gods in the fight for sustainability

Helios advocating sun power Eros never misses a target Poseidon speaks for wave power Aphrodite speaks to the heart of men the four Anemoi (wind gods) shows the awesome powers of wind. Dionysus endorsing ethanol

The letter S

Not sure I would have the stamina required to make a complete Alphabet

Fishy thoughts

I sold the last of the three mechanical fishes in my Etsy shop. Found that I need some fishes on the show my wife and I are having starting the 7th of November. I did an additional fish but I haven't't colored it yet.

Print your food

Introducing the new Foodjet 3000, a paradigm shift in how we look at food production. With our unique food ink and our patented paper (I cant believe it's paper technology) made out of corn and soybean starch delicious food i just a mouse click away... Choose amongst a long range of delicious food inks "Cook" your food with our revolutionizing software, FoodShop. State of the art WYSIWYE, what you see is what you eat, technology."Cook" a gourmet meal in mere minutes. No more heavy picnic or lunch baskets, a full meal fits neatly in your portfolio. Bake a cake and send it to you mother Or try our snack version, perfect for your mobile device For more printable solutions check out our line of clothing .


Yappy terriers

I've been listening to podcasts on global warming and the future (both Stanford and Oxford universities have excellent lectures on itunes U), a lot of what I'm hearing scares me, but the fact that some really smart people are working on solving some of the earth's problems is comforting. That's not the feeling I get when reading what the skeptics are saying. Richard Dawkins, (speaking about creationism, but I think the analogy travels) compares them to Yappy terriers (I'm not sure the skeptics on global warming is as benign as terriers though) and as I already have an obnoxious terrier at home and seldom consult her when seeking information. I think I'll ignore the skeptics for the time being. For some examples of how the debate is going check the comments I did get on this post (occasionally rather nasty reading )

Poster/Exhibition card updated

Digitally cleaned Added some coloring (my daughter double checked that I hadn't forgotten to color any leaves) I worked on this all day yesterday (until my hand started to hurt), will start to color it today and then merge it with my wifes design. The show will be at Sigtuna Kulturgård starting the 7th of November

Give me a reason for not changing

Earth is at peril According to a majority of scientists the earth is getting warmer the main culprit in this warming is, according to them, humans burning of fossil fuels Other scientist reading the statistics in another way say that is due to the sun and that we might be going into a colder spell Other skeptics on climate change use a more colorful vocabulary
And some have rather far flung theories on energy sources Those who believe that climate change is a fact, sometimes have pretty radical solutions to the problems But even if all the people who think that climate change is a fact and that the earth is in utter danger.... and all the skeptics who think that global warming is the greatest hoax in human history are right
wouldn't a shift to a more sustainable way of living, less stressful to the environment, be a good thing? What's there to loose in gearing the earth towards sustainable energy sources. Ponder if 1.3 billion Chinese would live the extravagant lifestyle of your average Californian... they would need six more earths to sustain them and who wants to explain to them that they can't? Read more at www.blogactionday.org/ and at climatechange.thinkaboutit.eu/ and then wind down at listen to some really interesting lectures at the 21th century school

Ink dots on the last pages

No to much progress on the poster today writing a press release took better part of the morning (I can't belive how hard writing a couple of lines can be)

Poster/exhibition card

Me and my wife will have an exhibition in less then a month (the 7th of November) so we have started doing the poster/invitation card for the show. My wife is making the text and I will make a tree as per usual.

Climate culprits part 5

A good house doesn't grow on a tree Maybe the biggest climate culprit in the world is the buildings we live and work in. Let's hope for more green architecture in the future and more energy effectivity in the buildings we already have.