Climate culprits 3

Surf's kind of crowded these days The growing population is of course not a only a problem when coming to the climate, feeding up to 12 billion people puts hard strains on the earth. Curing Malaria, Aids and other tropical diseases is essential in putting a curb on the population explosion and education, especially giving girls the possibility to study.


  1. I think overpopulation is probably the number 1 threat to the climate, yet also the one people are most reluctant to confront... but let's face it, if the population really is up to 12 billion by 2050 like is predicted, all our little cuts in emissions aren't going to make much of a difference...

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    I love your work! Will you be doing something for the Blog Action Day later this month?

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    Maybe the big problem is not feeding up to 12 billion people but feed everyone.
    Nice work!

  4. I'll look it up

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