I'm on vacation

Will return around the 13 of July, have a nice summer, or if you're on the other side of the globe a nice cold winter. Post some last spreads from my last moleskine Robot lust Tie Knight And sketches for the smile project

Operation smile

Made some pro-bono work for Operation Smile, with Saatchi&Saatchi Cape Town, South Africa. The brochure is for Operation Smile South Africa. They are a team of volunteer doctors and nurses that travel around South Africa and Southern Africa performing free operations to children born with cleft lips and palates. They are partners to Operation Smile, which started in America in the 1980’s. I'm very glad to be able to use my abilities for something good.

Regal Fashion

Somehow summertime brings out the most bizzar in fashion

The Dragons of summer

Summertime of course means Dragon time, as they combine coolness and the ability to produce fire. First out are the sceptics: Stray cats The Drasp And dwellers Happy dragon spotting!

Die Sonne

Spent the weekend on Stora Kornö on the west coast of Sweden, my father grew up there, (the last generation who lived there permanently) now we're all summer guests.

Holiday countdown

Just one week until I go on Holiday, ( I will work three more days on my current work), I'm switching work as we're moving from Gothenburg after our Holiday. Moving means that you have to take stock of all your possessions, not only did I have a lot of things before my blogging days but after... This is part of the stuff I've been forced to produced to feed my blog. Have a nice weekend everybody.

Labor saving devices

What time is it

More practical gadgets, this time clocks. and remember all our products are delivered without any documentation. Thinking keeps the brain young!


Tired of being un-hip? Introducing on-line clothing Choose amongst thousand of different models Then print out the model sheets And by using our revolutionizing "cut along the seams" technology and with the help of some gaffa tape you'll be the center of every social gathering (non smoking). Some of our models For garden parties "Oxford" For the beach "St Tropez" When accepting a Nobel Prize "Stockholm" Order now and get a specially design scissor cost free! Looking sharp has never been cheaper!


Device for capturing photographic images with the use of electronics

Coco and Coca, the paternal game

Coca has disappeared, Coca and the Vet search everywhere but to no avail.. Soon everybody helps in the search for Coca Even Asta does her part Asta thinks that Coca is a twig so she offers little help Totally devastated, Coco returns home But there he hears sounds and detects motion Coca explains that she wanted to give birth the natural way Pure paternal bliss follows

Coco and Coca, the waiting game part 2

Just one day left for Coca and Coca, before the kids are due Everything is ready for new comers And the same night Coca wakes Coco Luckily Coco is prepared The Vet check Cocas heart He is a progressive man and leaves nothing to chance He explain everything to Coco But when they look up they find that Coca has disappeared To be continued