the Rhythm method

If you want to do your part for the Baroque cause, remember that the most important part of being Baroque is not to be extravagant, no it's all about rhythm. You have to ask yourself the question: do I have rhythm?

a pet

more trying to catch different breeds of house creature, this is a dog like thing

House builder

One more in the houses series, as it is, I'm trying to evolve a yarn around the houses, so you can expect more of them in the future

Big game hunting at the spring salon

During the night my bootblack had escaped, and as our home town looks rather negative on serfdom the possibility to find a local one was very slim. the very same day though, the Lion got a mail from Liljevalchs Konsthall, she was part of the Spring Salon, even though I hesitated going to town without black boots the possibility to catch a new bootblack at the salon was tempting, struggling artist makes the best bootblacks. Without much ado we aimed for the capital, the lion happy to show her art, me excited of the appending big game hunting. At the Salon the lion soon was deluged by the press This gave me time to concentrate on hunting. I took post behind a bush and soon saw plenty of excellent game. at last my choice was a rather sturdy artist, the climate up north can take it's toll on the more sensitive artist. I put my artist in a cardboard box and soon I could take on the life as the perfect country squire again, nothing makes a man as a good pair of shining boots. And as for the bootblack, he seems to blend in perfectly with our other staff, my boots have never been shinier!

the Artist as a pup

My mother found this old picture of me at the Modern museum in Stockholm, I don't know who made the painting, but It looks like I enjoy it. (I still do, it makes me hungry) This is a me at at a later part of my life, pretending to draw once again, I had to take a picture for a Taiwanese magazine.


I will put some wash to this piece and I might get back to large walking houses. Their lives are well worth describing, maybe something for Sir David Attenborough the Lines

Silly season

As stated before: when I have no inspiration I tend to draw hats/helmet

Drawing less

This week I'll try to focus more on other stuff than drawing, luckily I've some spare pages from my sketchbooks to fill the blog.

Bleak house

Finally finished with the largest piece to date, I'll stick to smaller formats for a while I guess. Have nice weekends everybody, and perhaps our friends Coca and Coco might make a comeback next week.


A centerfold from my latest moleskine sketchbook

Thing you can do

Hire two private detectives and have them spy on each other Hire two men, one to dig a hole and one to fill a hole, then have them work shifts Dress up as a bird, climb a tree and make a birdwatcher very happy Go to the Opera and seat yourself in the reverse Invite people with exactly the same beliefs to your talk show Start a blog and pretend that you are more important then you are

Twig envy

Asta (our Cairne Terrier) loves twigs, the larger the better sometimes it feels likes she comes running with a whole tree.

the Color process

Some more coloring And now time for a small commercial, (as I get this question quit a lot), Noodlers ink: American Eel is permanent and works fine in a fountain pen . Added some color to the elephants Some more color, I have to wait some days to finish it. I need to do some commission work in between I'm starting to put color on the large piece I'm bin working on, (will have to find a suitable name for it)


It took six scan passes to get everything in, I will try and color it soon. To see it please enlarge it, the resolution is quite high

Say cheese

How ever I will scan this leaves to be answered and my computer being so slow

Man at rest

What to post when you really haven't done anything, well a picture of yourself pretending to do some! Today I rest

Going for the full distance

Even though I've been advised to halt the drawing I keep on, lucky for me that the paper is not larger. Mobile Organ And the elevator, to be continued soon

Ramble on

Later in the day, don't know how much more it will sprawl as I choose such a large paper Some snapshot of the latest progress piece, I'm starting to tire a bit on it how come I always end up with so much windows?


One more in the progress series, I thought I'd work on a larger scales but this one won't end up as large as I thought. And yes I use pencil on this one

8th Moleskine

Flip book film of my 8th moleskine sketchbook the Whaler, made last years was shortlisted in the London International Creative Competion

Moleskine Dragons

Last pages in my 8th moleskine sketchbook, made this spread while listening to the Temeraire series as audio books they are not from the books more generic in nature. Last part made while going by train from Gothenburg to Stockholm

the Goosepatrol

I'm off to Gothenburg for a couple of days (we'll go by train, not by goose) will be back the 7th of January.


Just some random doodling in the soon to be finished 8th moleskine, it's a new year! 2008 nice and even lets hope for a continuation of that. I wish you all a nice even year...