the Color process

Some more coloring And now time for a small commercial, (as I get this question quit a lot), Noodlers ink: American Eel is permanent and works fine in a fountain pen . Added some color to the elephants Some more color, I have to wait some days to finish it. I need to do some commission work in between I'm starting to put color on the large piece I'm bin working on, (will have to find a suitable name for it)


  1. Anonymous5:29 PM

    I really admire you, you do a great job, thank you!

  2. I look forward to seeing this finished. It's amazing how a light wash of color (or even just grey value) can "pop" an illustration.

  3. Absolutely beautiful Mattias!

  4. Great works! I like your illustrations very much.
    I saw you use fountain pens for inking process (well, maybe I'm wrong!). How do you use watercolors on its ink (it's not water resistant)?
    Thank you!

  5. I love your illustrations! got here thorugh Your work is amazing man!

  6. Anonymous3:30 PM

    I'm so glad to see you're going large format!

    I also have trouble scanning my work in. also requires hours of retouching the bits where the lines don't quite connect.

    If you have the budget, I'd suggest going down to your local repro house and asking them to drum-scan it can be somewhat expensive, but if you work out the number of hours you'd spend retouching it, its actually the cheapest way to get it to digital.

  7. I don´t speak english very well sorry... but, I admire your work, It´s fantastic!!

  8. Great idea with the scanning, I'll think about it.

    THe ink is American Eel, waterproof still kind to fountain pens

    thanks all

  9. Guau... I'm speechless...

    Best wishes from Buenos Aires...
    Alexiev Store

  10. Thank you for the "small commercial" about Noodler's ink :)
    It's been very useful!

  11. This is so cool, it needs a soundtrack!

  12. Yes - det bästa jag vet: "behind the scene" - eller "work at progress"

  13. Anonymous4:35 AM

    Great work Mattias! Do you have to wait for a while before you can color over the noodler's Ink?

    I got Noodler's American Eel Black and the bottle looks just like yours but it completely bleeds! it is NOT permanent at all!!! after drying! Sooooo disappointing!

    I couldn't color over behaved just like water soluble ink after drying (only 5-10 min for drying )

    Do you wait for couple hours before coloring over it?

    Thanks.. and sorry for asking the question.. maybe a lot of ppl ask.


  14. Wait for longer time, at least an hour, preferably wait until the next day, mind that the ink will not work on paper made of to much cotton,

  15. Anonymous1:33 AM

    Thanks Mattias, I completely washed out my Parker 45 and then reloaded and waited for 1 hour and no bleed through at all!! :) The ink flows really well through the ultra-fine "accountant's nib" i got on it.

    thanks! I love your work!