The Where, the Why, and the How

This is my piece for the wonderful book: The Where, the Why, and the How 75 artists illustrate wondrous mysteries of science.
Go and check up the book (remember you can't get enough of science). And also check out the creative force behind the book: also

Remembering my first job

My first job was at an old automatic telephone station. This was just as the Swedish telephone systems where being switch from electromechanical to digital, exciting times indeed. One plus of the job was that the Swedish tennis player Björn Borg lived opposite the building.

Things you could put in your pocket


Commission piece on camping and how to make camping viable even after the season is over. To be coloured.

First unfiltered page

The first page of Mattias unfiltered, you can by it at amazon or in shops all over the world.

Cable fishes

Made this while riding the bus, cables is more or less the only thing I manage to draw while on the road.

Inks pens and bellyaches

I'm preparing a talk on Friday at the Association of Swedish illustrators and graphic designers, I felt a need to a snap of my drawing gear to show as it is a question that constantly surfaces. For an annotated view go to my facebook page

Dentist tools

Exotic foods

A can of missing links
Pickled dinosaurs
Paste of language long dead
Moon dust bread

Early alienkind

Early art
The invention of central heating
Taming of the earth
Introduction of written language