Finished thei image, the process was wonderful like a morning mantra during the weekend over christmas. Scanning was a pain eight scans to get the complet image and still I had problems fitting it all together A zoomable version of the spread
Toying with the idea of making an interior to it

Half way mark

As people have asked I let the ink bottle be part of the image (it's american eel from noodlers ink, hard to come by on this side of the pond)

Lines and machinery

Sixteen minutes of drawing speeded up to four, the sounds are our dog barking (sorry about that)

More ink

Not to much drawing being done over the holiday just in the early mornings, the afternoon is all eating.


A progress piece made in my largest sketchbook to keep me occupied during the Yuletides. Happy holidays to you all.
A small update with a prior spread of a plane of a smaller dimension

New pen

Just bought a new pen the brand sounds more like a international Ad agencie then a pen manufacturer (TWSBI). Haven't had time trying it out, doing commission work (that's why I shamelessly reuse an old image) and I haven't the courage switching mid stream.

wireheads 5

Last of the bus produced images, until the next time I will go back on the road

A night at the opera

First drawing made on the bus to Lübeck before I switched to proper robots for the rest of the trip.

Welcome to the pleasure dome

A new break through in perspective technology, inspired by Gerard Michels perspective drawing.

 Just put the lightweight Dome on your head and your transported to another realm.

Works perfectly as a haven in inner city environments  Or if your not ready to say goodbye to reality, try our Half-a-Dome series with a balance of reality and fantasy.  Also try our Vanishing point products

Wireheads 4

Still on the bus this time it was especially shaky, you can notice it on the robots body

Wireheads 3

Today I'd like to thanks the Swedish authors' fund who gave me a one year authors grant. Will make it easier producing the second book!

Wireheads 2

More drawn on the bus robots. My book was selected as one of Drawn's favorite books of 2011,  and a short review over at the Book by it's cover site.

Wireheads 1

Just came back from a short holiday trip to Lübeck Germany, we went by bus. I found that doing this kind of images (i.e cables and wires) was the only thing that was possible to draw as the movement of the bus made the line very shaky. Expect more wire drawings, it was a long bus trip. This was made on the way home, over twelve hours of shaking.

Marketing by running

My publisher and I just wanted to thank all who has bought my book, we have sold the book to over 50 different countries! We start with the next book soon to be finished spring next year

Let it bleed

The paper couldn't take all the ink from this spread so I had to call for assistance. Much help they were...

French mysterie

While I was in France two week's ago I got some live comments regarding this image, they said that they had seen this image in print in a french book, (or possible a image that look's exactly the same). It would be interesting if someone recognize the publication. Going away to Lübeck for a couple of days, but autoblogger will post some random images while I'm away.


My wife and oldest daughter went shopping at IKEA, luckily for me they planted me in the cafeteria with my sketchbook and pen.

Variation on a theme

Still using a borrowed pen, can't beat a good tree when you're out of new ideas

Feeling blue

I borrowed my wife's pen for a change charged with blue non permanent ink

Corporate monsters vs Artistic monsters

Didn't have time to draw much while in France but I managed to come up with some monsters though

Gare de Lyon

I made this drawing while waiting for my train to Clermont-Ferrand. I did not want to leave my comfort zone (and draw from life) but this is my view of the station (and showing some french stereotypes, sorry about that)

Add one hour and you got yourself a new post

So now the spreads counts in just under nine what I demand from you is that you'll look at this image for nine hours (fare is fare)

the web turned to flesh

Back from Rendez vu de Carnet de voyage had a wonderful time, meeting a lot of former web only friends and turning them to real life ones. Here are some images from my stay (didn't manage to photo som much so I had to borrow some images. 
Why eat when you can sketch? Left to right  Roger, Miguel "Freekhand",  Monica, Nina, Joaquin, Lapin, "mr R"the only non sketcher"and Ea 
The Panel discussion with Nina Johansson far left and with Ea Ejersbo second to the right and with the male in the center as per usual.
Clermont-Ferrand from my hotel window, more or less the only view I got of the town as I spent most of my time at the conference center.
Lapin makes a second attempt trying to sketch me, Lapin found me hard to sketch (my theory is that unearthly beauty is hard to catch)
Nearly done, trying hard to keep a straight face
The end result with a crude doodle from me destroying everything.
Gerard Michel with his warm laugh flipping through one of my sketchbooks 
This is my church, this is where I heal my hurt or my home for three day stand number 129, thanks to all you wonderful people who visited me, sorry that my books sold out on the first day but my bag was full.