the web turned to flesh

Back from Rendez vu de Carnet de voyage had a wonderful time, meeting a lot of former web only friends and turning them to real life ones. Here are some images from my stay (didn't manage to photo som much so I had to borrow some images. 
Why eat when you can sketch? Left to right  Roger, Miguel "Freekhand",  Monica, Nina, Joaquin, Lapin, "mr R"the only non sketcher"and Ea 
The Panel discussion with Nina Johansson far left and with Ea Ejersbo second to the right and with the male in the center as per usual.
Clermont-Ferrand from my hotel window, more or less the only view I got of the town as I spent most of my time at the conference center.
Lapin makes a second attempt trying to sketch me, Lapin found me hard to sketch (my theory is that unearthly beauty is hard to catch)
Nearly done, trying hard to keep a straight face
The end result with a crude doodle from me destroying everything.
Gerard Michel with his warm laugh flipping through one of my sketchbooks 
This is my church, this is where I heal my hurt or my home for three day stand number 129, thanks to all you wonderful people who visited me, sorry that my books sold out on the first day but my bag was full.


  1. So glad your books sold out on first day.....congratulations on being appreciated.

    On the other hand, as my Grandma says, "Dumbkopff, next time, never mind underwear, just pack more books."

  2. Haha that's great advice from your Grandma, Maybe I'll go commando next time

    thanks Lo

  3. Mattias, you remind me of the photo booth repairman from the movie Amelie.

  4. That's Lapin Terry I'm the spitting image of you!

  5. Hi Mattias, I missed this, great meeting! ;)