Coca and Coco, the story continues

Ever since Coca and Coco met the have eaten together Bowled together Tangoed together Painted together Even though I sometime feel that the art produced lack that certain "Coco Edge" seeing them together melts my heart and makes it all worth while anyway Even the lion famed for her mistrust of monkeys has buried the axe and smoked the peace pipe with them Everything was pure bliss when Coca gets re occuring fits of nausea... is she sick? is it serious? to be continued

Male beauty

Morituri te salutant Just had some more thoughts on male beauty that I wanted to share


Made for this weeks Illustration Friday, who's communicating anyway? The 4th moleskine sketchbook, might take some time to fill up the next, but I might film an oldie next time

Longdistance runner gets the sepia treatment

Sunday evening, managed to put some colors to the long distance runner I draw last week, this time I again choosed to limit the palett . See if I can focus my thoughts on something else this week, depends ow tired I'm after my work.

Long distance runners

Some more progress, and a title. How I shall color it remains to bee seen. You have to enlarge it to see the details. Secondo, the second vehicle getting the steam up. And the leader, hope I will be able to color it this weekend, if I dare

Elephant art

And another progress piece, what will it be? Sometime I wish I'd use some pencil before, not used to the noodles ink yet it dries a bit slow. This make me smudge a little. Finished with the first "ship" And started with the second one

The new do

Think how much a new hair do will do for your appearance.

Transportation during Jura

As you probably notice I've used part of my imagination while doing these, Dinosaurs shunned all types of public transportation, this may have been part of their downfall.

monsters galore

Theres monster Monday over at sugarfrostedgoodness so I made some fast monstrosities. The dreaded monster of CTLR-ALT-DELETE The pneumatic nightmare Roller nightmare Krautmongler Frogger Twelve gallon bob Limey Neil

Train trip home

On our way home from my mother I managed to get almost three hours of sketching time. It's very unusual for me to get so much time in one go, same problem with the shaking but I think It's less visible this time. Noah as a gondoliere Beauty and the beast Royal sketching Astral meet Blackbirds


Made while sitting on the train from Gothenburg to Stockholm, visiting my mother this weekend, you can see the shaking of the train in the line.

The Arts

Filmed a drawing again, this in a more comfortable position, that's why it's sideways. Normally I don't worked this forced I go a little bit stressed of the filming While waiting for the film to digitize I had room for filling out the arts theme.

Page ranking

Found out the other day that my blog has leaped a step in the google page ranking system. I think that our modern world lacks in coherent rites and as a mend for this this is a suggestion to google how to improve the ranking procedure. For Every step up the ranking you get a new medal, the first step you get the medal from a local googler, but from the step 7 and upward you get to get to fly to the google headquarters Shangri-la in the Himalayas. For the last step, level 9 you get to walk up the emerald steps to master chief getting the ultimate token directly from his divine hand. As you might suspect my knowledge of the page ranking system is a bit vague, but I noticed that it is easier to find my name when googling

In search for the magnetic north pole

On of my hobbies is polar exploring, poling for shorts. I thought I'd reveal some of the secrets of successful poling. The first step of successful poling is the transportation, I as many poler's before me choose a compact sled with the ever so practical foldable dog. Polar regions tend to get quite nippy, I always keep a pot of tea handy. It warms internally as well as externally. As Megalomania is common streak amongst polars I always brings a talking parrot for reminders that I'm a mere mortal. I'm used to living in style, and I don't think my poling activities should put a hinder to my comfort, that's why I always bring my inflatable palace along. Polar regions are a great place for tanning, if you choose to do it summertimes There's a lot of poles around finding the right ones is the tricky part of poling And never be afraid of asking for directions, polar bears love mingling with polars Rivalry amongst polars is great, remember to keep your head cold, (but not to cold it might affect the temperature of your tea) The feeling when finding the right pole is unbeatable That's all you need to start poling, print out the instructions and bring them along, maybe I see you all in a pole near hear soon.