East London Comics and Arts Festival

We are invited to ELCAF (East London Comics and Arts Festival) Saturday 14 June. I will be giving a talk at 3:15 PM, giving all of my secrets away in my perfect UN grade english. For the complete program: http://www.elcaf.co.uk/programme/

New markets

It's got Aliens: the Second in Line
All the cool Eels reads it: the Second in Line
Works great for your metallic friends: the Second in Line
Hipster friendly: the Second in Line

Acoustic Beaver

Room with a view

Started this drawing while waiting at serieteket Stockholms kulturhus, it's the view from the third floor. It is a very free interpretation though...

Lion Art

The Lion has been awarded a 2.5 year art commission from Stockholm Art council, it's for the entrance to New Karolinska Solna University. The Lion has her own plans for the project, but a man can dream.....