Taxing times

It's time for filling out all tax forms, it has taken all energy from both my wife and me the last couple of weeks. This is more from the commission work I'm doing at the moment, color to come...

New light on Greek mythology

A more accurate presentation of some of the more common of creatures from Greek mythology, all according to the latest scientific discoveries.

Lottery Winners

Finally the lottery is over! 295 participants from all over the world, I'd love to give out 295 drawings but the cost of the stamps would ruin me for sure. 10 winners all drawn from my old trusty hat by my daughters:Everything is random I can assure you, but even that didn't hinder that one of the winners was a close relative to me! The winners name is under the actual price, If you are a winner and haven't got a mail please contact me so I can send the price to you. Steve G Corien

joseph's art and stuff



Illyana Delorean Mark Leggett Luis Enrique Cuellar


Snake pit

Still working on a book project (due sometime next week) . I've been drawing so much this week that I got cramps in my arm yesterday, better take it easy today. Remember the 1000th post lottery if you want to join there's still time, it closes tomorrow.

We will fight you on the beaches

I just can't stop using the coffee in this case it gives the robots a more of an analog feel.

Low rider

there is an Interview with me over at the Design Taxi.And remember the 1000th post lottery is still open...

Parthenon Frieze

Part of a commission work I'm doing at the moment, the line of characters are meant to walk over two spreads of the book (color to come). After finishing this I suddenly was struck with it's likeness to Sergio Aragones marginal drawings for Mad magazine (this was my favorite part of Mad when I was a child)

the House of Habsburg

Thanks for all the wonderful comments I got on my 1000th post (will be hard to beat), the lottery is open until Friday morning so there's still time to participate.

1000 post Lottery

Yep at last I reach the big 1000 and that mean that I will gave away some small original art, all I need is for you to leave a comment on this post. I will draw the winner a week from now next Friday. You better join, the 2000th post is a long way away.

999 number of the post

Yes that's the right tomorrow it's time for the 1000th post and that means a lottery, be there or be square!

Exotic animals

Still in wait for the 1000th post I start this week with some exotic animals, colored with coffee for a change.

Your effects are so special

Made this as a type of prototype for the other special effect pieces. Soon it's post 1000 I will have some kind of lottery when it comes, stay tuned

The History of Special effects, part 1

I've done five pages for an Italian comic project, the theme being on the movies. I made some rather arbitrary depictions on the history of Special effects, expect more to follow the next couple of days. And sometime next week I'll post my 1000th postI'm planning a raffle of some sort.


More Illustrations I'm working on at the moment. Our new house have no pantry, I miss it, it's hard to beat.


Drawing on quite a few projects at the moment thought I'd just take some quick snaps today. At last spring has arrived in Sweden, there is a sun to be seen outside! The snaps are not as sharp as they could be, but you'll see scans eventually.

Suits me

I did this drawing after spending some time in a coffee shop in the financial districts where I were surrounded by bankers, I wish I could join them (I'd love to see what they are up to all day)

Citizen Simon

Made this drawing for a friends new baby, I don't know if it's symbolic in any way. I wrote yesterday about the Mail me art exhibition, I forgot what I had made. Luckily for me that the Telegraph posted it on their site.

It is as cold here as in Sweden

I tried to kick start the out door season while doing a short stint abroad but alas it was to cold and I had to abort the mission. It would be cool if someone could spot where in the world the sketch were made. I have a piece (can't remember exactly what I did though) in the Mail me Art exhibition at: Red Gate Gallery, 209a Coldharbour Lane, London. the show opens tomorrow 6 pm. I will not attend unfortunately.