A wider view

Just a wider view of an image I made for a Spanish exhibition

Summer reruns

Shamelessly reposting while off on my vacation, I guess I will do some new drawings during my time off it's hard to quit the habit...

Summer reruns 3

Gunslinger, autoblogger still blogging while I'm on vacation

The chase

the autoblogger keeps blogging while I'm out of the office..

the G-force

Last post before my vacation, the trusty autoblogger will see to that this space keeps updating during the summer, have a nice summer everybody and thanks for all the support over the years...


We are going on a vacation later this week, but we will use more ordinary ways of transportation this year

More queuing

An image done for the bibliophile edition of my book, more images of the actual edition soon.

Goods in black and white

I should have posted the black and white version first I guess. Thanks all who congratulated me on my birthday yesterday, it took me all morning going through the facebook wall.

Waiting for the goods

the goods
This is an Illustration made for the Goods, it might pop up in a newspaper near you soon.  I'm featured in Ilustrar Magazine issue 23 (Brazilian), if you read portuguese you can read it, otherwise yuo can enjoy the images .