Automated Hydra

Made for this week Illustration Friday Invention, If I was an inventor a fully automated Hydra would come first. Wouldn't it be nice to have one? If a head gets broken a new one is created.

Survival of the fittest

47 different species of birds, last spread in my third large moleskine. I bought two new ones this is getting to be quite an expensive hobby.

Olivia's Birthday

It's my eldest daughters tenth birthday tomorrow made her some cards for her presents, if you want to check out how our dog and cat looks in the flesh apart from my drawing check this (Kalle and Asta) Tamagotchi for Olivia Tamagotchi for Olivia (for keeping the peace in the household) Well this one is not so revealing, doubt you can guess the present

Moleskine number #5, and encounting

I call this one the great party, that's the type of Festivities I'd like to arrange And today why not visit Sara in Austria, her stuff makes me think of medieval church art, (those where the days).

Baroque Air

Sorry to repet myself a little, this do carry a likeness to Templar Air, but I felt for some more air planes. Service of food Pilot On board entertainment system

Bear sunday

Narcissus More bears, and repost

Addicted to blog

According to new research it's possible to be addicted to blogging and constant email checking, akin to chemical addiction apparently. While reading about this I felt a pang of recognition is this someone else have to, should one be worried? And on the lighter side, house bliss And if your still with me, why not visit Argentina and two great bloggers: diburtimentos with some wild drawing, (Freud whould have a field day) and mi-bulin, his stuff always make me think of music, (it's got a jazzy feel to it). And try to stay out of addiction , go out and get some fresh air!

Snails, dragons and the end of the world as we know it

Mr Strong Snail Mrs Busy snail Snails think it's important to be nice King Snail Gardening and snail dome Snails on wheels Party down Wheres the action at? The storyteller A light snack just before bedtime I spent today at home, a little cold. Maybe I should have staid in bed.

The Future is the new past

Simplified automobile Product enhancements I did some addition to my future illustration, the print area is a little wider then the original illustration. I'll have to make some retouching in photoshop to get the pieces together, I have an A4 scanner and the drawing is in A3.

Pets, prints, nail-polish and some fiscal matters

I'm thinking of making a small collection of my sketchbooks available for purchase, (with the help of my wife who is a bookbinder), its only in the planning stages but it will not take to long time. I'm also planning to make some less expensive prints from my sketchbooks, I'll post things on my Shop, that still is development, and of course on my blog. No enough of me bantering, where's the picture you say. Old Linoleum print. Made this while taking my masters of fine arts Some sketchbook pets: how well do you know your Goethe? His masters voice She only go one thing wrong It's not easier even though you are a king The importance of nail varnish

12 Monks and one elongated tiger

The lecture is finished I had a blast, and the audience didn't throw rotten eggs at me. It was not priest students as stated earlier but student priests, apparently it's not the same.

Fly me to the moon

I won't be able to post something on my blog tomorrow, I'm to give a talk about the moral aspects of Making computer games to priest students (Hope my tongue won't slip, I'm a devoted heathen). I'll stick to the airplane theme once again, I'd love to see monkeys with airplanes.

Hat makers of the world, unite

Followers of my blog might have noticed that I have a soft spot for hats, you may recall my hat for Architects. Sometimes I wish that a career advisor had seen my gift while at school and said: Young man, you are unique, the best way you can serve human kind is to be a hat maker. But alas ad visoring is not the science it used to be and look at me and the world now.


I had a hard time finding some puritans and turkeys to model for me for this weeks Illustration Friday. At last I found a couple of old puritans that nested not to far from where we are living. As for turkeys I had to shave a couple of swans hope this isn't considered cheating.

Pablo's Chair of Problem

Remember this dragon? The beatnik dragon. His got a fat film contract and is going to be a big star (that's what he thinks anyway, he no longer talks to me). You can check out the evolution of the film over at Mikael Emtinger blog he is the director. Hope Fame will not spoil him, dragons turn Diva pretty easily, it's best to keep them on a short string

Brushed critters

Yesterday I let the pen alone and choose instead just to use the brush (inspired by Alina Chau's bold brush strokes). I got spam anyway AAARRG, and today when I came to work I accidentally put the alarm on, this day start with a bang for sure, my pulse is raising like bananas (this is probably not the right way to express it in English, but I'm shaking here, still ringing in my ears).Update (named the creatures, if you will select your favorite) Minos Hemulus Spiky Mr leotard Mr Green Hornet Wolfgang Esmeralda Beetoven Ester Righty Erik Emrod Hubertha Fingald Parantie Columbia Red Porcupine Detlef the mighty Thor Coco is not afraid of flying Update.Got mentioned at, it's a rater nice summing up of my first 6 month of blogging.