12 Monks and one elongated tiger

The lecture is finished I had a blast, and the audience didn't throw rotten eggs at me. It was not priest students as stated earlier but student priests, apparently it's not the same.


  1. Anonymous6:50 PM

    Looks very nice!

    Keep up your good work with the blog.

    Priest taking som extra class to perform better? Could be needed. The few times I visit a church it is usually some useless stuff I have the hear.

    Best regards

  2. How do you do to draw so much! where all your ideas come from?

    Great work, as always :)

  3. Anonymous8:36 PM

    Love your sketches...great ideas!

  4. Wow I've just been looking at your work on Flickr and am amazed. Amazed that I haven't come across it before and amazed at this amazing work! Your style is so beautiful and clean. And your subjects are just fantastical! I'm going to have another look....

  5. Anonymous11:31 PM

    Missade Kungälv. Hade ändå inte hunnit på fm idag. Kul att det gick bra.

  6. thanks Hans, Kasta, Scott and Anrea
    Nästa gång meddelar jag tidigare Mathias

  7. Congratulations! My father was a student priest one. Thank goodness he got thrown out of the seminary.